Minimum rental duration is set as 1 day (or 24 hours) (dropping off time must be same as pickup time (24 hours later).

The renter must return the car to a 1rentalcar representative, at the agreed time (max 1 hour later) and place. Any change (extra or less time) must be agreed with 1rentalcar. Returns or delays for more than 1 hour than the agreed and up to 3 hours later, are charged with 50% of the daily fee. Delays for 3 hours or more than the agreed, are charged for a daily fee.

Renter is responsible for paying the fuel he uses and no money refunds are being made in case of fuel level difference upon returning the car.

Renter is responsible for any parking tickets, penalties, traffic violations etc during the period between pickup and drop off day and time. He must pay all fines in full and present the receipts to the 1rentalcar representative.

If fail to do so, the amount will be charged by 1rentalcar plus €15,00 handling fee, at the time the renter informs us of the ticket, penalty, fine etc or at the time we are informed by police or administration authorities, even at a later time, with no deadline date for such charges.

Renter must inspect the vehicle’s interior and exterior and highlight any damages in the Damages Table, and return the vehicle at the same condition.

Daily rental fee includes the following:

Α) Death or bodily harm caused to others, not riding in the car, B) damages to other cars, C) windscreen damage.

In case the renter is involved in an accident by his fault or unbeknownst to him (regardless of the insurance cover he chose) and in order for a statement to be filled for the insurance company, an amount of 30% of the annual premiums will be charged (€100 is the minimum charge), as well as an amount of €25,21 plus VAT 24% as accident file handling fee.

It’s very important that, in case of any accident or incident and regardless of the insurance scheme, traffic police (tel. number 100) and 1rentalcar are immediately informed and that upon returning the vehicle, the Traffic Accident form filled by the police, is presented to us. The renter will be charged for the total repair costs of all damages as well as for the total cost of the vehicle’s days off service, even if he has accepted C.D.W.

Renter can limit his responsibility of any damage to the vehicle to the amount of €400,00 plus 24% VAT (or depending the vehicle’s class, maximum amount of €1.500,00 plus 24% VAT) if he signs beforehand and accepts the C.D.W. fee. This fee is set at €5,00 daily for classes A, B, at €10,00/daily for class C vehicles and at €15,00/daily for classes L and V vehicles.

C.D.W. is not valid in the following cases:

Taking part in any form of racing or towing. Loading of weight, excessive to the normal set by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

Taking accident responsibility without informing 1rentalcar first or without calling the police to assess the case and fill the Accident Form.

If a third person, not included in the drivers’ list, drives the car, regardless of his/her ability to drive or his/her relation to the driver.

If the driver is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

If the vehicle is operated against the Greek Traffic Laws or in any way that is dangerous for the vehicle, its passengers or other people.

Operating the vehicle on unsuitable roads (such as unpaved ones).

Using the vehicle to transport people or goods upon fee.

Using the vehicle in any illegal action or crime according to the Greek Laws.

Using the vehicle as a driver’s learning vehicle.

C.D.W. is also not valid in case of losing or damaging tires, wheels or wheel caps, windscreen or windows, entertainment devices (RCD, DVD), antennas, instruments or the vehicle’s underside parts, unless any of the above is the result of an accident.

C.D.W. is also not valid in the case of damaging in any way the interior of the car (such as burns, stains or tears).

In case of need of car repairs, the renter is not allowed to choose a different workshop than the ones suggested by 1rentalcar or the official service point of the vehicles brand in Greece, taking in account that the vehicle’s day off service will be billed to the renter.

The renter is charged with 24% VAT.

In order for a better service to be provided, with no delays, the renter is advised to return the car clean and ready for inspection, otherwise it may take longer to clean and check the car, something that may require an additional charge of €15,00. If any tar is found, an additional fee of €75,00 is charged for cleaning. In the case the car’s interior needs cleaning service, the amount of €60,00 or more is charged.

Fuel level is measured and noted in the rental agreement upon pick-up and must be the same upon returning the car. If lower, an additional charge will be required, depending on the car’s class average fuel consumption, plus €3,00, as refilling fee. If higher, it is not a subject for refund or for a next rental deposit.

Pick-ups or drop offs can be made free of charge (Monday to Saturday, 09.00-21.00) to and from the following places: the airport MAΚEDONIA, the train station and the passenger port.

There is an additional charge of €4,50 for pick-ups or drop offs at a city center hotel. An additional amount of €7,50 is charged for collects at a hotel outside the city limits.

All of the above costs are subject to 24% VAT. Pick-ups and drop offs during the night, outside office working hours or Sundays, have an additional charge of €16,00 plus 24% VAT.

In case of a break down or of need for road assistance, the client can call 24/7 at ………

Road assistance is not available on the Greek islands if not requested during pickup. The renter is responsible for transporting the vehicle inland.

Loading of the vehicle on a ship, is allowed only if agreed by 1rentalcar, otherwise the client is responsible for any damage done while on the ship, even if he has accepted the C.D.W. fee.

Driving the vehicle outside Greece, is only allowed if agreed by 1rentalcar and a green card is issued.


The following terms are applied:

  • Canceling reservation until 7 days before pickup day, is free of charge and full refund is made.
  • For cancelations from 7 days to 24 hours before pickup day, there is a charge of 20% of the total rental amount.
  • For cancelation within 24 hours from pickup time, the full rental amount will be charged, and no refunds will be made.

The cancelation request is valid from the next first of the office opening hours (during bank holidays and Sundays as well) and not the exact time the request is sent.