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Protection of personal data is our top priority. We value your trust and we are obliged to keep your data safe and secure. This section is updated regularly and describes with every detail, the use of your personal data. It also describes our accordance with any legislature regarding the use of personal data in the European Union.


By filling all fields in the reservation form and completing the reservation, the user agrees the use of car rental services provided by 1rentalcar. In any case, the user is responsible for the reservation order.


ΒΑΝΚ has the responsibility of all transactions, giving you total comfort and security. By giving your credit card details, you agree to be billed with the value of your order.

The charge will be completed by the bank after reviewing your order and the charged amount will be the total amount billed for the chosen car. In case of order cancellation or refusal by  1rentalcar, the charged amount will be refunded to the credit card used for the reservation.

In case of order cancellation by the client, the charged amount will be refunded minus cancellation fees. Credit card details will be filled in the bank’s safe environment.

BANK uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) by Geotrust. SSL is the universal encryption standard for encrypted data communication. Additionally, VISA and MASTERCARD transactions are using 3D-secure systems (verified by VISA, MASTERCARD Secure Code).

In order to identify if your transaction is secure, you will see a small yellow lock before the URL on your browser and you will be using a webpage with an https:// type URL. Your device sends the encrypted order to the bank’s server.

The bank’s server sends back to your device the SSL, the confirmation of your visit to the correct page and your public key. Next, your device uses the public key to encrypt personal data such as credit card details and sends them back to the bank’s server that uses its private key to decrypt this information.


By Credit Card.

The renter has the option to pay by credit card. The charge of the credit card will be completed after checking and crosschecking that correct credit card details are used. The renter is the only responsible person for entering correct credit card details 1rentalcar accepts the following credit cards: VISA & MASTERCARD. In case of selecting payment by credit card through our website, the following credit cards are accepted: credit, debit or prepaid credit cards by VISA & MASTERCARD.